Loves seeing friends at anime conventions and dreams to one day be able to register for San Diego Comic Con as an attendee. I have been failing to win the badge purchase lottery for over. 10. years.

  • Casual cosplayer
  • Addicted to traveling when funds allow
  • Open for anime/manga style commissions
    • Priced per character
  • Most my art is available for sale at con only

Sample Art

Onion Knight







Kairi Variant

Weapon Designs

Digital Painting Process

Sample Merchandise

Fan based art is not brought to conventions where it is not allowed.


Drawn and punched one at a time by me.



Born to Make History


With my postcards, I try to capture an ambient mood.


I love exploring new ways of creating art. My newest prints below are made with a combination of pencil, gouache paint and digital touch-ups.




Japanese Inspired Originals

I use mixed media, from paper to canvas and digital color to watercolor when creating my original art pieces.

Miso Cute


My Table Setup


My Inspiration

At a very young age, I was drawn to all things anime. It all started with Sailor Moon and Dragonball. I even exchanged VHS tapes with classmates from what little anime we could get our hands on in the days before the internet existed. I discovered Slayers, Ranma 1/2, and several other classics. Soon my Japanese video games obsession began when Final Fantasy VII was released and I got my hands on a PlayStation. I collected games from what was known back then as Squaresoft and was inspired to draw unique Japanese styled art ever since. Never straying from the goal, every single piece I have created has been done with my extensive commitment to learning about Japanese culture. Even all my pens and pencils are primarily made in Japan. The first time I attended AX in 2004 (and consequently every year since then), I immediately decided to become a cosplayer and collected a few issues of Cosplay Mode to see how the Japanese do it. For several years cosplay was my side craft, while illustrations were always my main. I even won a masquerade contest with some friends. I still remember the moment I approached the convention in Anaheim for the very first time. Every detail was so memorable and the very first cosplayer I saw was a Barret Wallace. That moment will be with me always. And of course I try to visit the country of Japan as often as possible to be sure I am offering an authentic experience to the best of my ability for anime convention visitors.