Who are Neko Ninjas Studios?

Thank you for visiting our shop! Today marks our official grand opening! We may be new to the world of online marketplaces, but we've been in the anime fandom business since 2008. Things are changing fast these days and we are going with the flow by upping our virtual game!

How did we choose the name Neko Ninjas Studios? It all started back in 2006 when we were looking to join the anime con scene. As a group of three students attending two different schools, we didn't have too many opportunities to get together for organizing cosplay. So, we searched around for ready-to-wear items to gear up in matching outfits instead. The result? Black cat ears, plastic katana, and ninja stars. After arriving at the convention, we found some nifty Visual Kei face masks, completing our ensembles. Since then, we did different variations of neko (cat) ninjas and when we decided to join the Artist Alley, the obvious choice seemed to be Neko Ninjas!

Neko Ninjas Studios